csaWe’re all dealing with the impending loss of Arrested Development in our own ways. Me, I’m honing my hatred of the American public into a sharp edged blade of vengeance. They’ve let me down too many times in the last few years – great movies tanking at the box office, great TV shows unable to get anyone to watch, horrible and incompetent presidents getting re-elected.

Will Arnett is numbing his pain by starring in yet more films. The latest to have Arnett’s name in the credits is Jeff the Demon. In the film two high school losers summon an evil entity from hell (the titular Jeff, played by Arnett) who helps them win every battle in their lives, but things don’t get better – they get worse! I sense a lesson coming on. By the way, as a high schooler I too dabbled in dark magick, and look where that got me.

There’s a bunch more stuff Arnett is going to be starring in soon, and I just don’t feel like typing it all out, so check out this recent article where I talk about the various projects.