I have to confess I’m probably not the best guy to write about the Tekken movie.  I was really more of a Mortal Kombat player – it had fireballs and teleporting and a ninja that could turn your ass to solid ice. Tekken had grappling and high hair and a guy with a bear head. No contest.

But anyway, the movie production of the Tekken game franchise has collected power-ups in the form of skilled and/or attractive Asian talent: wu shu whirlwind Jet Li and So Close supercutie Vicky Zhao are now apparently on the character select screen.  According to CRI English, “Zhao will play the talented Chinese origin girl while Jet Li will act as the boxer”. I’m really not sure if that’s a mangled translation since I don’t know a whole lot about the game, which has previously received the anime treatment and an unofficial live-action Hong Kong flick called Avenging Fist.

The $50 million budgeted movie is being put together by Sony Screen Gems and Crystal Sky Pictures, with Drumline director Charles Stone III coordinating the fisticuffs. Crystal Sky is also adapting the Castlevania videogame to film as well as (I swear to Tron) a Pac-Man movie. Wukka-wukka.