Word to yer moms, he came ta drop bombs. And pick up books.

Director Doug Liman got his break with Swingers, and now he’s moved on to a Jumper (the non-suicidal type). Liman will helm the adaptation of Steven Gould’s books about teenager Davy, who discovers he has the ability to teleport.  His gift manifests during a savage thrashing his abusive father is doling out – see, parents, beating your kids can have a positive effect after all!

Anyway, Davy uses his powers to flee dad and travel the world and do good deeds and cause mischief and search for other similarly powered individuals and become an NSA operative.  Apparently that’s enough material for financier New Regency to plan a trilogy (they’re the new sequel!), even though author Gould has only churned out a pair of novels so far.

Fight Club screenwriter Jim Uhls is currently reworking David Goyer’s draft, and the movie will be co-produced by Simon Kinberg, who wrote Liman’s hilariously terrible summer hit Mr. and Mrs. Smith (between that, Stealth and Kinberg’s own inadvertently amusing XXX: State of the Union, 2005 was a welcome return to Bombastic Action Crap).