May 1

Film/TV: Listened to a Braves win. Was planning to watch Game of Thrones when some news broke and I decided to be an American for a while.

Music: Lettuce’s Rage. Galatic’s Ya-Ka-May!. More of Cell.

Comedy: Nada.

Food/Drink/Inhalents: Breakfast with Rocco @6am. Some coffee with mom. A little delivery pasta to provide carbs during heavy labor. A chicken salad sandwich. A Boddington’s while I worked, and an Amaretto during the cool-down after the work on the deck with an Isla del Sol.

Family: Took Rocco out as he woke me up at 11, 2, 4, and finally 5:45am and I needed to entertain him. We picked Mom up and drove to the bookstore to wander. There was a massive car show there so after grabbing coffee and stuff we wandered around and the little dude (and us) were thrilled. Though there were some really elite and fancy cars, this was my favorite:

Friends: Andrea was here from the time we got back to dark helping me with the deck project. It was insane work. She was very helpful, even though she obviously was hurting.

Work: Very little site work. Sunday.

Animal of the Day: No animals on weekends, but here VULTURE again!

Art: In a way, yes. This thing required a little creativity.

Goodies: Three magazines. Two for work and the third also for work.

Screenwriting: Shit no. That’s fulfilling.

Projects: Under the Deck: There is a 12×10 space under the deck that was overgrown with weeds and covered in trash and lawn equipment, invested with creepies, and unusable. It was sloped, ugly, and no fun at all. We entered like a S.E.A.L. Team, removing, moving, clearing. We dug trenches, poured concrete, sawed wood, hauled dirt, sand, and paver base. We got tiles. We build a retaining wall on each side, we tamped the ground. It was intense and went on for the majority of daylight. Thousands of pounds moved, and a very therapeutic bit of work. We are 35 tiles short due to math error but otherwise great progress was made. In a few weeks we should have a nice place to hang out.

Minutia: I’m reviewing some men’s cosmetic products for GUY. The ball spray – great. The deodorant – not.

Activity: All sorts. All day. I slept like a rock but I also felt strong as one.

Ailments: Nope.

Shrink’s Chair: People took this section wrong from yesterday’s blog. I feel like CHUD’s at a crossroads. I think maybe it’s healthy for folks to decide this isn’t “their CHUD” and move on. I never WANT readers to go but I’ve gotten really scorched trying to accommodate them and I think now’s actually a good time to bring in new readers. The boards are quiet, which sucks. But, it’s also not as insular and prohibitive for newbies. It’s been a long time since I can say that. It’s not as “inside”. Funnily enough, a lot of people have left here and done well for themselves. Sadly enough, many of them consider the place a husk of its former greatness. Which is untrue. In my mind. So, yes… I’d rather have less of the right people than more of the wrong.

Asshole(s) of the Day: Andrea and I for not realizing we got entirely too few stones for the ground.

True Trivia: I would totally buy a product that shaved all the secret and gross areas cleanly, safely, and without the risk of those scary close calls.

What Did I Learn Today: I killed a mosquito and it still upset me. So, yeah… I still am a puss when it comes to animals.

Link of the Day: CNN. Great coverage of the Osama destruction. And not Fox, which makes all the difference.

Looking ahead to tomorrow: Work.

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