I do love a good Western, but it seems like since the 1970s we’re only allotted a single really great one each decade.  Silverado. Unforgiven. Open Range.

Screen veteran Anjelica Huston will be part of what sounds like one of the good (and maybe great?) ones. She’s joining Pierce Brosnan and Liam Neeson in Seraphim Falls, a revenge drama set at the end of Civil War.  Brosnan plays a colonel with a bone to pick with Neeson, and continues his own little war to settle the grudge. The movie, from Mel Gibson’s Icon Productions, is directed by TV guy David Von Ancken (The Shield, Touching Evil).

Huston has a bit of experience with Westerns thanks to her work in the beloved miniseries Lonesome Dove.  Of course, she also has experience with Ice Pirates, incest, Captain EO and witchcraft, but I suppose you build up a pretty diverse résumé after three decades of film experience.