Just spent this past weekend catching Thor and attending a press conference with the cast and crew.  I can say firsthand that not only will you be pleased by Chris Hemsworth’s work in that film (tag team review coming later in the week, FYI), but that the guy is very personable in…well, in person.  Universal seems to think so too.  Variety has word that the studio is eying him for a role in their upcoming Show White and The Huntsman.  Hemsworth would be opposite Kristen Stewart in the film.  According to the article, Universal keeps skewing younger for a leading man to play the Huntsman who, in this version of the fairy tale, is ordered to kill the heroine by the evil queen (Charlize Theron).   But rather than do that, he becomes her protector and mentor.

Reportedly, offers went out first to Viggo Mortensen (52), then Hugh Jackman (42).  Mortensen couldn’t come to terms and Jackman passed.  Another offer reportedly went out to Joel Edgerton (37), who may still be in the running.  And considering that Hemsworth is 27, and, if you’ve seen him without his shirt off in Thor, it’s easy to see that Snow could be interested in him.  ‘Cause fuck Prince Charming.  Hemsworth being shirtless was a recurring topic of discussion yesterday by the star panel.  And on a total side note, Kat Dennings was wondering why her large microphone was so phallic compared to the Bob Barker / Price is Right style mics everyone else had.  I saw no complaints from the crowd.

Anyway, no official offer has gone out to Hemsworth yet, but his shooting schedule on The Avengers may conflict with the planned fall production of Snow White anyway.  However, if Thor smites everything at the box office like I assume it will, Universal may be willing to wait if they have to.