dqwJoss Whedon showed up at Whedonesque, a blog that fanatically keeps track of all things Whedon related (and which will probably be miffed that I said fanatic), and dropped some sweet info on the masses.

There was talk of a new Serenity/Firefly comic, set during the time period of the TV show (which means certain characters would remain living), as well as Joss addressing the fact that the Serenity DVD case is the latest in a long string of marketing blunders for that film.

But the best news was that Whedon announced he will be writing a four issue storyline for a new Dark Horse Buffy comic that will take place after the end of Buffy and Angel, and will kick off with the Slayer living in Italy with nasty guy The Immortal. Once Joss’ arc is done he will maintain supervision over the title, something I can’t imagine he will have time for.

Why? Well, because of Wonder Woman for one, but also because he mentions that the comic book story will in some way tie in to the closer than ever to reality Spike movie – as well as hinted at but unnamed projects. There had been some talk about whether the Spike movie would take place after the end of Angel, when our heroes went up against patently impossible odds, or would be a prequel. Now we know (unless it’s a prequel that happens to tie into post-Angel events anyway, which wouldn’t actually surprise me now that you mention it).

Here’s hoping for more news, and soon.