For a brief few moments in the last couple of weeks, the news cycles were taken over by a few different stories of air traffic controllers sleeping on the job, having some near-misses with landings, and almost allowing a 747 to rape Michelle Obama (or something). A lot of it seemed like genuine issues wrapped in a boat-load of misplaced hysteria (of course, I don’t control that it’s FOX playing in the office-complex kitchen), but regardless it’s a nice segue into 2:22, a movie Armie Hammer just signed on to star in.

Mostly unknown director Paul Currie will be helming the story of an air traffic controller that has an odd experience, and the film will be packaged for sale at Cannes. I’m going to quote the Deadline release, because I’m still not entirely sure I know what the fuck it means.

“…two commercial planes nearly collide. They lead [the air traffic controller] down a strange path that involves a decades-old double murder. It all has to do with a blinding light that happened at 2:22.”

Okay, so less of a well-timed expose of the problems in the airline industry and more of a coincidentally-timed thriller with one of those vaguely supernatural touches that is ultimately Scooby-Doo’d and the mysteriousness rationally explained at the end? Hard to tell exactly what we’re looking at, but the important news here is that Armie Hammer has signed on. After his fantastic dual turn in The Social Network, he was on the top of every Superman fan-casting list, and his lack of Oscar love oft-lamented. It’s safe to say he’ll be watched closely, so one hopes he’s choosing projects well and that there’s a solid script behind this bizarre sounding movie.

And hopefully air traffic controllers will get their shit together.