casJulian McMahon is going to have bad things happen to him, and they have nothing to do with Latveria. The actor, who played the mortal enemy of the Fantastic Four this summer, will next be seen in Premonition, a thriller starring Sandra Bullock. Sort of like, “I have a premonition Sandra Bullock’s career isn’t going to recover.”

In the film Bullock plays a woman who has a feeling her husband is going to die in a car accident and sets off to stop it. Apparently he never signed his life insurance policy. Or maybe she’s nervous because she read that McMahon is playing the baddie in a remake of The Hitcher and her husband has a soft spot for thruway thumbers.

Many people know McMahon from somewhere else – FX’s Nip/Tuck. I was always interested in the show, but I don’t get the FX Channel, and the show’s 50 dollar price tag on DVD seemed hefty for a blind buy. The first season recently got marked down to 20 bucks and I can report back that all the hype is worth it – the show is great, and funny, and you barely realize it wasn’t on HBO. If Dr. Doom had been more like Dr. Troy, I think fanboys would have been even more pissed off about the FF movie, but it would have been sexier. And Doom would definitely have done lines of blow off Alba’s ass.

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