casI like Ryan Reynolds, but not because of his films. Looking back at his resume you see that the guy’s film choices have been less than inspired – Van Wilder is probably his only real hit. And like Amityville Horror, whatever money that made certainly didn’t come from his name. But I think that Hollywood likes Reynolds too, and it’s because he’s basically charismatic and affable, even when baring his formidable abs.

That’s the best explanation for the guy’s full dance card – he has been in like three or four films in the last twelve months, and he still has Just Friends coming. And next year – IMDB has Reynolds in five 2006 releases. And now he’s getting 2007 lined up.

Reynolds will star in Schooled, a high school comedy told from the point of view of the teachers. The film, which will reunite Reynolds with his Van Wilder director Walt Becker, was born of an idea that Reynolds, Becker and screenwriter David Gallagher had, possibly after watching Nick Nolte in Teachers.

Van Wilder 2 is happening, by the way, but not with these guys. Kal Penn, being devoid of shame, will star this time. And there’s still no word on a Ryan Reynolds Flash movie, which I would like to see announced before these 2006 films start coming out. Just in case.