456There’s no book too unlikely to become a movie, at least not if Leonardo DiCaprio is interested in it. Malcolm Gladwell’s Blink is apparently a very good book about snap judgement and quick decision making. The author uses different examples to explore many aspects, including the neurological, of this phenomenon. That’s right, it’s a non-fiction book that isn’t actually about an event or a person.

But Leo and screenwriter/director Stephen Gaghan aren’t letting that stop them. Gaghan, whose upcoming Syriana is getting major Oscar buzz (and which I am fighting to see), has pitched an idea that has a writer – based on Gladwell, and played by Leo – interacting with various characters out of the book. Whether there’s a story or if this is another film in the Short Cuts/Magnolia/Crash tradition remains to be seen. Warner Bros is just starting to do press for Syriana, so expect lots more info to start coming out.

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