April 29

Film/TV: Midnight Movie. A staggering Braves loss thanks to horrible umpiring and bad luck. I hate the Cardinals and Tony La Russa so much, it pains me to see them beat the Braves. Anyway…

Music: Some old Suicidal Tendencies. Man, the production on every album before The Art of Rebellion sucks a druid’s dick.

Comedy: Nada.

Food/Drink/Inhalents: We shared some Chinese for dinner. Made myself lunch from scraps around the house. No booze. No smoke.

Family: I hung with the whole gang for a while, and it was a work night but one which was interrupted by Rocco getting up over and over and over…

Friends: Nein.

Work: Tons. Lots of little bits of content and all sorts of business stuff. Did an interview with the director of Midnight Movie.

Animal of the Day: Vulture!

Art: Nope.

Goodies: Some little items to make the lizard’s home more palatable.

Screenwriting: Why yes. But not hardly enough.

Projects: Had a very interesting call with of the producers on my action flick. Apparently they’ve been waiting on something from someone else since I turned the treatment in in November. Granted, it needed work but we should already be out to studios by now.

Minutia: If people in regular jobs had to put up with their personal shit being public they’d flip out on a regular basis.

Activity: Cardio. Some work in the garage. Prepping for the bike and the punching things being taken out of storage.

Ailments: Nope. I think my conditioning, at least for softball, is in a decent groove now. Been running better, being more confident, and aggressive.

Shrink’s Chair: I don’t see how anyone can feel any person they are attracted to is “the one”. There’s one around every damn corner. There are a lot of things that tear at me and things that kneecap me emotionally, but there are SO many people out there. I don’t see how anyone can not feel the odds are pretty damn good.

Asshole(s) of the Day: Tim McLelland, umpire. He waits a few seconds before making a call on pitches and it’s infuriating. The game isn’t about the damn umps. They’re supposed to be invisible. He’s basically saying “wait for me… and now watch me!”. Fuck umpires. A day ago my team got hurt by a bad call, but that’s fine. We beat ourselves over it. On the major league level there are a few umpires who truly suck and make it harder to fully enjoy the experience.

True Trivia: I still can’t believe I got married and had kids. Those are two things I thought I’d never do. Or be pretty good at. That said, I really love being alone.

What Did I Learn Today: If someone was willing to hire me, I might go back into the real world.

Link of the Day: Sample Saturdays. John Mak shows the origins of your favorite hip hop samples. Great stuff.

Looking ahead to tomorrow: The wife and daughter go out of town. The son… doesn’t.

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