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STUDIO: Warner Bros.
RATED: Unrated
RUNNING TIME: 75 Minutes
Sound Effects Featurette
Race to the Finish Set-Top Game

The Pitch

"It’s Tom & Jerry meets Around the World in 80 Days. And it’s named after The Fast & The Furious. Yeah – it’s as crappy and cheap as it sounds."

The Humans

Most notably, Tom (Spongebob) Kenny, , John (Futurama) Dimaggio, Tress (The Simpsons) MacNeill, Billy (Futurama) West

Sure, a car made out of cheese looked good on paper, but Jerry had forgotten that he was a mouse – the car didn’t last the rest of the day.

The Nutshell

Tom & Jerry get kicked out of their house and enter a reality/game show that requires them to race around the world to win a new one. No, seriously.

The Package

Cover art is well made, with our two leads behind the wheels of their respective racers. The artwork is original, which always scores points with me as a lot of these cheap DTV animation releases just use screen grabs from the movie. A/V is nothing major. Fullscreen presentation with a Dolby 5.1 track, but I don’t really see the need for a surround track as there’s nothing really special here to warrant it. Extras are nice with a Sound Effects featurette that’s pretty informative but not too "techy" for the kids to understand. There’s also a somewhat nifty little set-top game that gives the kids’ knowledge of geography a little workout.

The Lowdown

Remember the old Tom & Jerry shorts? Fucking brilliant. I’ve loved them since I first saw them and watch them whenever I can on Boomerang. I introduced my daughter to them and she loves them as well. This is why I hate this DVD.

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In and of itself, The Fast & the Furry isn’t horrible. It’s not good, but it’s not horrible. The first act tries to appeal to fans of the originals but fails. Miserably. The middle seems to forget who the main characters even are, and the last few scenes try to take the old Tom & Jerry formula and apply it to different locations and situations, but again – fails miserably. If you look at The Fast & The Furry as a cheap, no-name, watered-down knock-off of Tom & Jerry, it’s not that terrible. What makes it so insulting is the fact that it IS Tom & Jerry.

William Hanna and Joseph Barbera would weep.

2.0 out of 10