casI always get so happy whenever any news about a Freaks & Geeks alumnus hits, and I get even happier when it’s about Paul Feig.

There’s a lot of back and forth on who is responsible for what on that classic and cancelled show, and I know that Judd Apatow brought a lot to the table. But if you’ve read Feig’s books Kick Me: Adventures in Adolesence (buy it here from CHUD!) and Superstud (buy it here from CHUD!), then you know that the heart and soul of that program was based on Feig’s own experiences.

Feig has a special connection to childhood, and captures it like no other, so he’s perfect for the film Unaccompanied Minors. It’s based on a piece from This American Life, where Susan Burton told the story of being snowed in at O’Hare airport the day after Christmas as a child. The twist is that she was trapped with a number of other children of divorce who were being shuttled between their families for the holidays.

Feig will be polishing the existing script and directing. Filming should start in February.