Chud reader Brian Henne alerted us to this development that is being reported at Vulture. Apparently, Arnold Schwarzenegger has chosen what his first foray back into acting will be, and it will not be Terminating. He’ll be starring in Cry Macho, a long gestating project based on a novel penned by late playwright  N. Richard Nash, by the director of The Lincoln Lawyer, Brad Furman. It seems clear from the pedigree of those names that this film, reportedly to start shooting this summer, is aiming its sights at the Oscar.

I approve of this clearly Oscar-baiting maneuver on Arnold’s part. According to the article, he’s doing it to “stretch his acting muscles”, which to me seems like a recipe for hilarity, because as far as I can tell, he never really had any.  His role is that of a “damaged-goods horse trainer”, and I can already hear his Austrian accent molesting the word ‘horse’ over and over and over.  But then again,  Arnold is a man who gets what he wants, so if he’s gunning for Oscar gold, there is no one who will be able to stand in his way.  No one. Either way, I’d rather see him do something like this than another Terminator movie any day.

I am stealing the Vulture pic of Arnold’s wrinkled face for this article because it is amazing and should be seen.