I remember Hayden Christensen recently implying he was considering retiring from the Hollywood machine. I suppose if I watched myself in the prequels I’d probably contemplate it too, but handing me a small paper rectangle with several digits printed on it would likely assuage my misgivings. 

In fact, Christensen is reuniting with fellow ex-Jedi Sam Jackson for a thriller from Icon Entertainment called Poker Night.  The story has the young assemblage of midichlorians as a rookie police detective who gets abducted (on poker night, one assumes) and finds himself bound in a dark and dirty basement, where he’s tortured by an unseen serial killer (and probable Saw fan).  I don’t know why he can’t just levitate his lightsaber over and escape, but whatever.

I’m also not sure if Jackson is a fellow cop or the captor – maybe he’s looking for payback after getting Force-blasted out of a 200 story skyscraper. Either way, he’ll probably talk loud.  Star Wars swordmaster Nick Gillard is helming the flick from a script by Greg Francis.

Christensen is currently working on the surgery terror movie Awake with Jessica Alba and her divine backside (two movies in a row where he basically gets to lounge – sweet gig), while Jackson will soon be seen in the greatest movie ever made, SNAKES ON A PLANE