Hi folks! It’s another Friday and while we had to sit out the Video Wrap-Up this week (due entirely to my absence from the office, for some family matters), there’s still been plenty to read and talk about this week that’s worth running down. Also, we’ve generated a lot of video in the last months that you can take a look at below and make sure you’re caught up on everything (embedding spree below)! We’re especially appreciative of the response to the Friday videos, which have been watched by more people each week. We hope to keep growing that audience as we refine the show- look for the return next Friday!

Until then…


• A CHUD EXCLUSIVE: Guy Pearce may be joining the cast of Ridley Scott’s sorta-Alien-prequel Prometheus.

• Cabin in the Woods gets picked up.

• Jeff Bridges fills in the void left by Galafianakis in R.I.P.D.

• Summit looks to Ender’s Game to fill the Twilight franchising void.

• The amazing Once get’s a follow-up documentary.

• Pixar ain’t handling animated Marvel movies.

• Superman gets a female nemesis.

• Gary Busey will hopefully be devoured by ancient piranha in 3DD, which just started filming.

• Nick’s Fast Five review

(which I whole-heartedly second- it’s a great action flick).

+ News that the franchise will definitely be heading in the heist direction.

• Game of Thrones: Episode 1, Episode 2

• Doctor Who: Impossible Astronaut

• Mortal Kombat: Legacy has been reviewed up through Episode Three.

• Franchise Me hits the Death Wish series, starting with the first film and the sequel.



Make sure you hit this stuff to full screen, or click over to YouTube and watch it in HD!

• Friday Wrap-ups

April 22nd: Thor, Greatest Movie Ever Sold, Premium VOD

April 15th: Scream 4, Hobbit, The Crow, The Master

April 8th: Arthur, Hanna, Your Highness

April 1st: Insidious, Source Code, Expendables 2

Podcast Extras:

The great Breaking Bad puppet show, endorsed by Bryan Cranston himself!

The latest Drive-In Ad… PeopleCorn.

…and don’t forget the Podcasts themselves…

Episode 0Episode 1Episode 2

Thanks guys! Keep coming back this weekend, and looked for jam-packed content next week!

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