April 27

Film/TV: A resounding Braves victory! Especially since I can’t stand Mat Latos. Tried to watch Street Kings 2. Fuck that movie.

Music: Began the audiobook for Stephen King’s Cell for a GUY.com article I’m doing. Campbell Scott’s a good reader. We need more of this guy in general.

Comedy: Nada.

Food/Drink/Inhalents: I had the little man all day. I feasted on grilled chicken and corn and rice and he made short work of macaroni and cheese. We then procured the little girl and had a pizza. These kids can eat! Lots of coffee. In the later hours John and I enjoyed Hookah and some bourbon.

Family: Rocco and I traversed Discover Mills looking at oddities, lame stores, and suburban Atlanta’s most misanthropic mall patrons. On those grounds it was a rousing success. Then, Sofia was gathered and we all hung out and had fun time while watching the clock for when Mommy came home to deliver order and sanity.

Friends: The X-Factor boys for a game of softball in the wind, and then the aforementioned Makarewicz visit.

Work: As much as the kiddies would allow, which I have to admit was better than normal.

Animal of the Day: Goblin Shark!

Art: Nope.

Goodies: At the Mall I got Rocco a much needed Thomas the Tank Engine stuffed animal train.

Screenwriting: Look away baby… look away.

Projects: Shit on Moses.

Minutia: At the mall we witnessed an actual case of “Retard Strength” as an unfortunate young man was so enraptured by a store display that he conquered it with wails and grunts. It toppled and his handler had to rein him in as his cohorts watched.

Activity: Softball with the gents. The forecast was literally calling for Twister: The Teenage Years but the massive storm cell avoided our area almost completely. I’m sure the City of John’s Creek will find a way to claim responsibility and tax us for that too. So we got the game in and defeated the other team. I play outfield and didn’t get a lot to do, though I did narrowly avoid getting into a collision/having the ball hit me in the mouth when I called off Kevin the other outfielder as we ran towards each other and he backed off but totally blocked my view. The ball fell, but no one was hurt. I went 1-3 with a delightful triple to right, a walk and 2 RBI. An interesting side note: Brian Hampton hit a high pop-up to left center that the wind got a hold of  (we didn’t have a tornado but some substantial wind) and deposited just fair in right field. Insane.

Ailments: None, but my battling glove  and hat had gotten wet in the trunk and stunk like the dick of a gargoyle. That was an ailment to anyone near.

Shrink’s Chair: I’m a patient and giving dude. I really try to be good with the people I know. I have this developing situation where an old friend who I miss terribly and have not been able to maintain any consistent relationship with found my collection of photos of people at bookstores reading manga “creepy”. Which wasn’t the intent at all. I try so hard to be consistent and it’s little shit like that folks misinterpret that really makes one just want to be a total dick and settle for whatever folks are still willing to be around.

Asshole(s) of the Day: The people who, because the meteorologists are proclaiming doom and gloom on TV drive like William Fichtner’s chasing them.

True Trivia: I have a friend who took a messy wet crap all over the floor of a Winn-Dixie warehouse area because he couldn’t find the bathroom in time.

What Did I Learn Today: I love the outfield and if I can keep building my throwing strength back, might see if I can get more work there.

Link of the Day: Poop.com. What a horrible missed opportunity.

Looking ahead to tomorrow: More power to us all.

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