April 28

Film/TV: No Braves. So I got to see the Hawks close out the Magic. They’ve already exceeded expectations. Be nice to see them slam the Bulls (dream on). Watched two more Treme episodes. Love that show. No way it gets to have a long life, it’s just too dense and without “big” moments. But I love it.

Music: Did a little Follow for Now. Old Atlanta based rock band that came up with Living Colour/Fishbone/24-7 Spyz/Lucy Brown when black rock artists were getting play. Good stuff. Continued Cell. Not horrible.

Comedy: Nada.

Food/Drink/Inhalents: Had a bagel with some tuna. A little coffee. A little bit of a new beer (to me) called Palm. Had a nice light Isla Del Sol cigar. A little bit of the ol’ fajita times for dinner.

Family: Very little. I caught a green anole on our house and kept it for Sofia to see. They’re very easy to care for and when she “met” it, a new friendship was born between her and “Zoomer”. I’ll do all the work but we’ll keep him around a while. Rocco showcased a love for the garden hose and the sweet liquid release it provides [slang].

Friends: The Punishers softball gents. Andrea had a smoke with me for God’s sake.

Work: Loads. I’m really trying to keep things together. It’s starting to look up. That said, I’ve done this a long time and forgive me if I don’t respond well to any more extraneous bullshit fabricated by malcontents. Zero tolerance.

Animal of the Day: Pygmy Jerboa!

Art: Nope.

Goodies: Nope.

Screenwriting: Nil.

Projects: A little. I will use this weekend for such.

Minutia: My neighbors if they were watching me trying to catch the lizard, catching it, losing it, having it climb onto my head, and the final coup de grace where I netted his ass… probably were very entertained.

Activity: Had a 9:30 ballgame. Was playing 2nd base. Didn’t have anything hit to me, and the one chance to turn a double play was scuttled when I couldn’t make the transfer to get two. I went 2-4 with two based loaded doubles to left field that were as hard hit as any balls I can remember. They were on a line and past the fielder and at the fence pretty much before I had a chance to leave the box. There’s a distinct sound to the bat when you make PERFECT contact and on the second one I was treated to that. Our team lost the game due to absolutely dumb baserunning mistakes and the fact there are 3 guaranteed outs in our lineup. It’s impossible to get a rally going when three out of ten spots in the lineup are absolute black holes.

Ailments: Not really.

Shrink’s Chair: I see these women dressed as cheerleaders at Taco Mac all in the titsharing tops and the tan hose and all I can think is “I couldn’t give a fuck about you”. I don’t see the attraction. Especially those Hooters hoses. Gross.

Asshole(s) of the Day: The Umpire who made a bad call that cost us 3 runs. The teammates who let that call screw with their heads for five innings instead of moving on.

True Trivia: I saw a lady get hit by a car driving from my friend’s wedding to the reception. Right near the High Museum of Art! Yay!

What Did I Learn Today: Fucking retarded Southeastern towns think that the NFL Draft deserves prominence on sports bar TV’s over an elimination PLAYOFF game featuring the local NBA team. The obsession with football is a 365 day a year nightmare. Also, isn’t football locked out? PLEASE.

Link of the Day: Thor 101. Fun GUY article. Beginning of a series.

Looking ahead to tomorrow: Friday. Transcribing. Interviewing. Having big thoughts.

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