R.I.P.D. just became the movie you really, really want to see.

R.I.P.D. is based on  Peter Lenkov’s graphic novel. It’s set up at Universal, is being directed by Robert Schwentke, and currently stars Ryan Reynolds. He’s playing Nick Cruz, a recently murdered police officer who joins the R.I.P.D. (the Rest In Peace Department) in pursuit of undead justice and a second chance.    In February, it was reported that Zach Galifianakis would be his undead partner.

But Galifianakis has dropped out due to the film’s schedule uncertainty.  Deadline reports Jeff Bridges is in talks to replace him.

I do not need to tell you how awesome this would be. I do not need to write the rest of this in the language of True Grit, though I am sorely tempted to.

Bridges is a far better fit for the Cruz’s partner Roy Powell, who was a long dead gunslinger.   While it would have been nice to see Galifianakis trying his hand at a grizzled cowboy, I’d rather see this one done by an old pro.    And Bridges bantering with Reynolds? I can see it already, and it’s wonderful.

Schedules could tear this apart (Bridges’ plate is as full as Reynolds) but I hope not.  There are concepts that sound too fun to die, and this is one of them.