Eli RothI don’t even know how to respond to the news that Cabin Fever filmmaker Eli Roth is co-producing the Baywatch movie. I mean, I know enough about the film business (I think) to realize that not every producer on a project is actually doing much of anything behind the scenes, but from an interview with MovieHole, it sounds like Roth is right there in the surf on this one.

"[W]e want to shoot the whole movie in 3-D,
but we’ll have to see if Dreamworks is on board with that,"
Roth tells the site. "One of the
producers, Michelle Berk, is partners in a 3-D company and the idea is
to do a simultaneous release called "Baywatch 3-DD." So that’s what
we’re fighting for. At this point Dreamworks is fast tracking the
project to get a writer on board, and then we’ll see if I can push my
Scott Baio/Olsen Twins agenda through.

"Either way, no matter what happens, even if I go to prison one day,
I will be still be able to tell people that I am the Co-Producer of the
"Baywatch" movie."

MovieHole also asked if Pamela Anderson would be in the film. "Pammy
and the Gals will most likely do cameos in the movie, but for the main
cast they want to go with a whole new crop of hotties. I know the other
producers spoke to Pamela about it, and she said she’d love to do a
cameo. The shoot’s a long way away so anything can happen, but for me,
it just wouldn’t be Baywatch without her."

Well, congrats, I guess to Eli Roth. I can’t imagine how his involvement could make this idea any worse.