vHow much does it suck that Alan Moore’s seminal graphic novel from twenty years ago, V for Vendetta, seems more relevant to us in America now then ever before? The story of an England that is under serious repression and the lone man who dresses up in a funny costume to battle the Thatcher-ite forces will soon be relevant on the big screens as the Wachowski Brothers’ (or are they just the Wachowski Siblings at this point?) plans to adapt the comic have gotten a new burst of life.

If you’re thinking this is how they’re following up the soul-crushing disappointment of the final two Matrix films, you’re wrong. While they were attached to direct it at some point in the past, but now they’re just producing it, and their first assistant director, James McTeigue, is in talks to step up to the plate and make his directorial debut.

How will a dark and complex story about a terrorist fighting back at political and social repression play in this day and age? And will the story remain set in England? I suppose they could change it up to the US, but I have a hard time seeing V working as an American character.

All of these questions, and more, will hopefully be answered as the movie begins to take shape in the months ahead.