And So It Begins…

I’ve long since wanted to have a blog on this site. It only makes sense, since we were doing blogs before blogs existed. Remember the travelogues? Well, my first task of the day every day of the week including weekends is to populate this thing. Sometimes I’ll rant and rave, other times inform about site stuff, and I’ll post pictures, links to weird shit, and who knows what else. The bottom line is that, while the Steady Leak articles take a million years to do, this little thing actually lends itself towards ADD. Which helps.

So, though this is a weakling, I’m proud to finally have this cooking. I also cannot wait for YOUR BLOGS to start getting built, because once our community features are all working right I’d love to start linking to my favorite of your pieces on here. We’re already working behind the scenes to ensure that the latest blogs on the community side get syndicated on CHUD.

That’s incentive!

Here’s the latest in the Mary Worth War. My evil little photo manipulation thing. All apologizes to the creators of the strip. This intended as parody only and not an attempt to be the best thing ever.

Click the image to make it LARGE.