Now that Rango is out of the way, Gore Verbinski can concentrate on his other dusty assignment with Johnny Depp: The Lone Ranger.

Ranger was shoved back in favor of Pirates 4, and with Pirates 5 and 6 sailing into development, I wondered if it had been quietly shelved.  But no.  Now they’re actually looking for someone to play the titular character.

A few weeks ago, Ryan Gosling was rumored to be at the top of the list, but his reps denied talks ever took place.

Now Deadline reports that Armie Hammer has entered early talks to play the one in the white hat, the rider and heigh-hoer (boy, that sounds wrong) of Silver, that masked man no one knows.  Or as he’ll be known in this version, Tonto’s sidekick.

Kidding aside, Hammer is a good pick.  He’s young and handsome, but he doesn’t scream dainty pretty boy like so many up-and-comers. He’s got that old Hollywood look that the Lone Ranger should have.    The Social Network proved he had some chops outside of teen shows.  I would assume he was cast in J. Edgar because he can read lines well.

We’ll see where this goes.  Hammer has The Brothers Grimm: Snow White on his plate, so his schedule could conflict, but it may be his to ride home with.

And if it’s not…hey, can we get Jon Hamm in for an audition?  It’d be nice to see that guy in something fun and costumey.