Two entire Sundays have passed since the last Superman announcement. Rumor had it that we were getting one on Easter Sunday, but apparently someone at Warner Bros realized that would be quite poorly reported.

I imagine this is that story.

According to Variety, Antje Traue has nabbed the part of Faora, General Zod’s right hand woman. You might remember her from Pandorum, but I’m sadly unfamiliar with her work.

It’s long been rumored that Man of Steel would bring back a Krypton villainess, though it was believed that it would be Ursa.   But Faora was the inspiration for Ursa, so Zack Snyder is simply going to the original source for the character  — Action Comics #779 472.

Faora is, as you probably know, an expert at the Kryptonian martial art of Horo-Kanu. She also hates men.  Really, really hates them. She imprisoned and tortured over 23 Krypton men, which is the kind of thing that will earn you 300 years in the Phantom Zone, but a medal in Themyscira, so pick your location for your death camps more carefully if you live in DC Comics.

It will really, really be interesting to see how the movie blogosphere perceives that after Sucker Punch. So many essays are going to be written.  So many. And none of them are going to be kind.

ETA: I forgot to give a shout-out to Latino Review, who initially discovered it was Faora, not Ursa, in Man of Steel.