csacasBen Stiller hasn’t made a film since Meet The Fokkers fooled bazillions of people into ponying up ten bucks a piece. He’s had a couple of projects in development, but it seems like he has finally hit on one that he will be taking all the way – A Night at the Museum.

Written by the greatest turncoats in comedy – one time members of The State Thomas Lennon and Robert Ben Garant, A Night at the Museum is about a hapless night watchman – Stiller – who accidentally unleashes a curse at the Museum of Natural History here in New York that makes all the bugs and animals in the joint come to life. I wonder if Robin Williams is in one of those display cases?

The film was going to be directed by Stephen Sommers at one point, but rather than true horrible terribleness, the movie has been reduced to merely serious mediocrity, with Shawn Levy helming. Levy has made movies like Cheaper by the Dozen and Just Married, as well as the apparently disastrously bad The Pink Panther. You know, I would stop hemorrhaging faith in Ben Stiller if he wouldn’t make movies like this with people as untalented as this.