casDark Horse Comics has set up a deal with Image Entertainment (not the comic book people) to make some movies. The slate has been announced, and if you’re the kind of person who reads (which I am assuming you are), many of these movies will excite you.

First up is My Name is Bruce, a movie that Bruce Campbell talked about back when he did an exclusive interview with me some months back (click here). The plot is simple – a town hires Bruce to come deal with their monster problem, confusing the actor with his onscreen B-movie action persona.

John Landis is in on this as well, helming a movie called Gone, which is a haunted house story. Harlan Ellison is going to be bringing us a film (I can’t tell if he’s just writing, producing or even directing) called Dream Corridor, which is being touted as a Twilght Zone-ish anthology fillm (and I wonder if the title is purposefully calling back to Shock Corridor?).

Meanwhile, the Dark Horse/Image deal will be saving Tom Sizemore from his life as a priapic porn star. He’ll be teaming up with Edward James Olmos (don’t drop the soap, Commander Adama!) in the cop film Splinter, from newbie director Michael Olmos. Hey, wait a second….