There’s a new X-Men: First Class poster over at Yahoo! Movies and character descriptions from the actors portraying them over at MSN Movies (I caught them at Coming Soon).  Below are some of the character discussions.  SPOILERS WARNING on some of those, though, so beware.  You can click over to MSN Movies for all ten and you can click on the image below to enlarge.

James McAvoy: “Charles has this connection to everybody because he can feel their experiences and see them. Their memories are his memories. But he wasn’t looking for Erik. He didn’t know Erik was there and he suddenly felt him. And perhaps he’s never connected to Erik in quite the same way he’s connected to other people. I think there’s a little bit of vying for who’s in charge, and there is a feeling between them from Magneto that, ‘you’ve got the brains, but I’m your trump card, pal,’ at every venture. ‘I’m the most dangerous dude in here, and you know that and I know that,’ and I think by the end of the film we come to an understanding about that as well. We do have completely different views as well, and what’s quite nice is that those scenes don’t come to a nice reconciliation at the end. They’re left, so the tension carries on through the movie.”

Michael Fassbender: “At the start of the movie we get introduced to Erik as a boy. We start in the concentration camps with him and it cuts to 20 years later and it’s the early 60s and it’s Erik as a grown man. He’s on a quest to get Sebastian Shaw, played by Kevin Bacon. Shaw had him in these concentration camps – and as we know the Nazis were doing lots of experimentation with all sorts of things like measuring skull size and brain size and running experiments on human beings, essentially. Shaw is trying to unleash this power in Magneto – he’s recognised that he can manipulate metal – and so we catch up with Erik on a quest to basically hunt Shaw down.”

Jennifer Lawrence: “Raven, or Mystique, is a shape shifter, and when she’s in her natural, blue, scaly, red hair form she also has superhuman agility. She’s young and she’s a normal teenager, really, just dealing with insecurities. She’s insecure about being a mutant and she slowly grows to really accept it and evolve herself. She’s been shape shifting for a long time, but she’s really just learning about her superhuman ability. She discovers that in the movie.”

Rose Byrne: “Moira works for the CIA. In the comics she’s a genetic, mutant expert scientist, and she was in the third film – Olivia Williams played her – but in this incarnation she works for the CIA and early on gets involved with Charles Xavier, discovering mutants. She knows that he’s an expert on genetic mutation, so she seeks him out and they become allies. She’s a real pioneer woman. It’s set in ’62 and she’s in the CIA so it’s very new for women to have that opportunity. She’s working in a pretty misogynistic place, so she’s got a lot of guts and she’s driven.”