Pamcakes! We’d heard a few random rumors that the large red-skinned demon known as Hellboy might continue his monster-fighting exploits in animated form, but apparently it was a lot closer to fact than we realized.

An illustration by comic book and concept artist Sean Galloway recently popped up online, along with an explanation as to what to expect and when: a pair of 70-minute animated flicks that will air on the Cartoon Network and hit DVD, with the first scheduled for next October.  So we’ll get to see Hellboy battle the arcane and probably lots of tentacles just in time for Halloween!

Galloway, the lead character designer (who goes by the nickname "Cheeks", the origin of which I probably don’t wanna know), says that the style is deliberately different from the previous comic book incarnation at the behest of creator Mike Mignola, who wanted something fresh for the ‘toon (I spotted an older test pic of Hellboy, Liz and a creature over at Cheeks’ Deviantart gallery HERE). Let’s hope they find something for Abe Sapien and other members of the B.P.R.D. to do as well!