April 26

Film/TV: A Braves victory! 2 episodes of Treme. Fast Five.

Music: The Budos Band. So good.

Comedy: Nada.

Food/Drink/Inhalents: Made Rocco and myself eggs for breakfast. Jimmy John’s Bootlegger hurtled through time for the office’s lunch. A nice man’s sandwich. Had leftovers after the screening. No booze. No smoke.

Family: I had the gentleman in the morning hours until Mom arrived from her treatment. She’s starting to feel it. And there’s three more weeks of radiation. Fucked. I had a screening so my family was just three different rooms of snores when I got home.

Friends: Renn was at the screening. I met up with Josh to give him a product he’s reviewing for GUY. He has a tiny dog.

Work: It was a work day. Did CHUD stuff. Did some rather deep discussing with some folks in offices around the world about future possibilities. Got some GUY content up, including the first….

Animal of the Day: Coconut Crab!

Art: Nope.

Goodies: No, but I want that King’s Speech Blu

Screenwriting: About two pages rewritten on The Captive.

Projects: See above, also some discussion about possible TV things.

Minutia: If my detractors was me for a day they’d revert to their own body, and fucking apologize to me.

Activity: Garage stuff. Moving shit. Trying to make sense of shit.

Ailments: After Monday, I made a point to be Teflon.

Shrink’s Chair: I think there’ll be a rough patch but bliss to follow.

Asshole(s) of the Day: The six men in the theater wearing sunglasses. You’re not in show business and even if you are, it’s still a crock of shit.

True Trivia: I’m thinking of learning a second language. Torn between Spanish so I can communicate with people I meet all the time or some version of Chinese so I can function as a worker when we’re overtaken.

What Did I Learn Today: Ludacris makes surprise appearances at screenings. It was cool to see him give Atlanta a little love.

Link of the Day: Natalee Holloway on Wikipedia. How many people die each day? Yet this fucking story won’t die?

Looking ahead to tomorrow: Long day with the kids, possible storms, and softball if the weather holds.

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Out of a Possible 5 Stars


Discussion thread for Finding a Discipline.