casImagine a show where all the actors are mannequins. Creepy, horrific looking mannequins. This is like the stuff of nightmares – or Japanese pop culture.

I had a friend who turned me onto this show The Fuccons a couple of years ago, but only through still photos. Now that I have finally seen a clip of the show, I realize it’s essentially just still photos anyway!

There’s no good way to explain this show to you with words that aren’t incoherent screams of fear, so you should just check out the clip below.

Click here to see the madness.

The Fuccons are coming to DVD, and the price couldn’t be more right – 6 bucks for a DVD with 8 episodes (I think the episodes are quite short). It’s hitting stores on December 20, just in time for you to have a very bizarre Christmas. Check out more about The Fuccons here, at the official site.