Seriously, this thing is yellow like whoa.

Coming from director Lee Tamahori (XXX: State of the Union , Die Another Day, Next) The Devil’s Double looks very similar to Lord of War in that an extremely interesting set of locales and circumstances will make an only okay movie become something extremely entertaining, if not outright good.

Looking into the world of political doubles in the Iraq royal family during Saddam’s reign, it features Dominic Cooper in the dual role of Uday Hussien and the man he recruits to become his double. Cooper is absolutely excellent at treading the line between murderously smug and genuinely charming, a quality that makes him just right for playing the¬†psychopath version of Arthur, and a man forced to double for him. It also makes him right to play a member of the Stark family, and you’ll see him doing just that in Captain America this summer.

As I mentioned above oh-so-eloquently, the cinematography of the film is definitely skewed towards the “watching the movies through piss-glasses,” a fact that the poster embraces. There’s an obvious temptation story going on here, and I can’t imagine there are too many happy endings for anyone. The profound luxury some of these characters enjoy seems to be the focus, which is a good thing- that shit markets well.

There’s not a lot of pedigree guaranteeing quality here, but the trailer is definitely well cut and the subject matter is definitely interesting. Should be fun, at the very least.

Take a look at a couple of screenshots, and check out the trailer in HD at Yahoo!

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