dasWe were all sad when George Romero’s Land of the Dead – a fierce and brilliantly good entry in his Dead series – didn’t do as well at the box office as the current crop of crappy horror films. I worried that this would be the end of the series – not because I wanted to see an endless rehash of the same stuff but precisely because Romero does the opposite, bringing new themes and ideas to each of his films.

The Dead films could be continuing, though, in a whole new way – as a series of direct to DVD releases.

Today I spoke with John Harrison, who has worked with George Romero throughout his career as assistant director, composer, and even as the Screwdriver Zombie in Dawn of the Dead. I was talking to John about the recent DVD release of the lost horror classic Effects (starring Tom Savini and Day of the Dead’s Joe Pilato – click here to buy the excellent new Effects DVD from CHUD!), and he mentioned that he had been working with Romero on some new projects.

“I can’t talk about them too much because they’re in the nascent stages,” he told me. “There are a couple of smaller projects, including one that could be really fun. I can’t talk too much about it, unfortunately, but what I can say is that it remains in the world he is known for and it would be a new DVD franchise.”

There’s more – including talk about Romero’s Dracula film, upcoming Clive Barker movies, and the possible future of the Dune franchise, as well as lots of great information about the lost classic Effects – in my full interview with Harrison, which should run in the next day or so!