Greetings Los Angeles Fright fans!

April has turned out to be a jam-packed month for Sebastian O’Brien and I’s midnight movie series, Friday Night Frights. Normally we only do two shows a month, but this April has had a whopping five Fridays. Following up our previous free screening of Stake Land, we have the German zombie flick Rammbock: Berlin Undead.

Quoth the FNF blurb of power:

When faced by a nation full of zombie novelty gags and phone apps, it’s easy to think of zombies as an American obsession — but the pesky undead have slowly but surely been infecting filmmakers around the world since George A. Romero first revamped the creatures of Haitian folklore back in the late ‘60s. Germany is finally now attending the feast, bursting on the scene with the aptly named Rammbock (“battering ram”, in English), which presents the zombocalypse as only the perennially twisted Germans would conceive. Our hero is Michael, a dumpy sad-sack who has traveled all the way from Austria to Berlin for the pathetic purpose of returning a set of keys to his ex-girlfriend, only to discover that not only is she not home — but zombies are!!!! Scary, tragic, and inventive, Rammbock has a steadily-growing horde of fans across Europe, and now it’s clawing at Friday Night Frights’ door, hungry to get in!

We will also have a secret zombie short film playing before the feature to whet your appetites!

Friday, 4/29, midnight at The Cinefamily.

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This Rammbock screening is free free free. All those interested in attending must RSVP for the show individually, and it is first come first serve. This of course means that normally you would need to show up ass-early to get good seats. But I am going to reserve two comfy couches (which can seat three people, depending on your girth) for two different CHUD winners.

To enter simply send an email to with RAMMBOCK in the subject line, and tell me what your least favorite zombie movie is. Two important things: make sure to give me your full name, and make sure you RSVP for the show. Sending me an email will not get you on the theater’s RSVP list. I will only be contacting the two couch winners.

Good hunting, fiends.

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