According to The Hollywood Reporter,  Mireille Enos, star of AMC’s The Killing (a show I hear is great but have not seen as of yet) is in talks to play Brad Pitt’s wife in Marc Forster’s long gestating World War Z. The Hollywood Reporter article, which you can find here, also states that the Paramount film is scheduled to start shooting in June. This is pretty major news considering that this film, an adaptation of Max Brook’s game changing zombie novel, has been in development hell for what seems like an eternity.

Of course, the plug could get pulled and this guarantees nothing, but I have a feeling that the heat from The Walking Dead is perhaps pushing World War Z to the front of Paramount’s cue. And I think this is a smart move for the studio. A well-told version of the novel could be a great tentpole film, and I believe that despite what some people say, audiences will always be hungry for a well-told zombie story. Zombies and vampires are perennials people, get used to it.