45645Lee Tamahori, official spokesman for wasted talent, has signed on to direct Next, a sci-fi film based on Philip K Dick’s The Golden Man.

Nicolas Cage and Julianne Moore will star in the story of a man who can see future events, and change them. Moore will be a federal agent hunting the man down as she tries to stop a terrorist attack.

It looks like old Philip K still has the power to get a movie greenlit in Hollywood. I don’t know how close this will be to the original story (which I haven’t read), but if past experience in Dick adaptations are any indication – not close at all. Wake me when A Scanner Darkly gets here.

By the way, the image here is of the Philip K Dick robot, which I ‘met’ at ComicCon. Sadly, the robot was frightened and confused by the journalists trying to interview it and it just came across like a frightened epileptic.