csaMost people only know Bob Saget from Full House and America’s Funniest Home Videos. But the guy has another side – many comics call him the filthiest comedian working today. Audiences recently got a look at that side of Saget in The Aristocrats as well as on Entourage this last season, where he was enjoying the pleasures of high class hookers.

Now Saget’s going to unleash a little bit more of his real self on a wider audience with his new movie, Farce of the Penguins. Riffing on this year’s documentary hit March of the Penguins, Saget will take nature footage and repurpose it with an R-rated soundtrack.

"The idea for this came organically," Saget says. "I was watching the "March" movie at a screening at my friend’s house, and I couldn’t stop doing the voice-overs of the penguins, reminiscent of when I did the voices of the animals on the video show. My friend David Permut said, there’s a great comedy movie in this!!"

THINKFilm will distribute the movie. "The Penguin film, and wildlife films in general, have been so hugely popular lately, that they can certainly use some serious spoofing," says THINKFilm CEO Jeff Sackman, whose last name sounds like it came from an R-rated soundtrack. "Bob’s unique ability to take sweet, clean-cut material and turn it upside down and inside out is second to none, and I can’t wait to see him ‘flip the bird’ to the entire genre… Bob will be enlisting a number of his friends on this project and we expect a flock of comics to be involved. We also expect Bob to take this idea to the very limits of good taste-and then fly right past them!"

Get it? A flock? Fly past? Sack Man, leave the comedy to Saget. You just keep releasing good films like this, Murderball and the upcoming Beastie Boys concert movie.

Saget also has an HBO series in the works, where he will play a gynecologist raising a 14 year old son. I imagine America will be eating up those pussy jokes. Get it? Eating? Pussy? OK, I’ll leave the comedy to Saget too.

Farce of the Penguins will hit in March.