caA woman has a fatal disease and decides to become immortal by getting bitten by a vampire. Hey, didn’t CHUDStories do a whole series on just that topic?

Sadly, Thirst, a new vampire movie, isn’t based on one of our CHUDStories. Gladly it has a pretty cool cast, including Adam Baldwin in the lead. He brings with him some other refugees from Joss Whedon’s TV shows – namely Clare “Glory (who is Ben)” Kramer and Tom “Why didn’t they just make Andrew gay?” Lenk, as well as ol’ Gwendolyn Post, Serena Scott Thomas.

Kramer plays the sick woman, while Jeremy Sisto plays Darius, the head of a vampire family who is described as cross between Charles Manson and Quentin Tarantino.

“I’ve wanted to do a vampire film for a long time,” producer Mark A.Altman tells Fangoria, “but it wasn’t until this script came across my desk that I found a project that was fresh and original and dealt with vampirism in a totally new way. That was the approach that [director] Jeremy Kasten, DP Ray Stella and I decided to bring. Unlike our other recent films, this one isn’t slick; we’re going for a very real, ragged documentary style with lots of jump-cutting and handheld camerawork. It’s very cutting edge and extremely hardcore and gory.”

Director Kasten previously helmed The Attic Expeditions and a short film with one of the all time best titles, Gayosity. I can’t seem to figure out what role Baldwin has, but I do hope it’s big, meaty and awesome. That sentence is also filled with gayosity, by the way.