scaIf Ernest could go to prison, why not Pee Wee? That’s one of the two possible movie concepts for the triumphant return of the once-disgraced Pee Wee Herman. Hell, if Ollie North could have a major career as a commentator and a writer after seeking to undermine the very Constitutional fabric of this country and probably facilitating the crack plague, why should jerking off end Paul Reuben’s career as our favorite manchild?

It’s hard to believe it’s been so long since Pee Wee has been a part of our lives. In fact, I think his last appearance was at an MTV Awards show (“Heard any good jokes lately?”). The time for a renaissance is upon us, and a scooper who wrote in to Aint It Cool, who heard Reubens speak at a special screening of Pee Wee’s Big Adventure, has this to say about the character’s two possible films:

The first he said did in fact have a producer attached by remained nameless. But the story had something to do with the "King of Cartoons" being kidnapped and Pee-Wee has to save him. He mentioned that it would be closer to an extention of the CBS Saturday morning show.
The second he gave a longer summary, saying it opens with Pee-Wee just getting out of prison (for what I have no idea, but don’t think my mind went to a certain something) and joining a lumberjack community. Even stranger was that Pee-Wee is somehow discovered for his singing talents and produces a famous single. But fame doesn’t agree with Pee-Wee and he turns into a monster against his adoring fans. He went on to say he just finished this one, and has yet to be read by any production companies. So this film would be more like a 3rd installment in the Pee-Wee films. Also regarding a return of Dotty in this film, he said "no, there is a new love interest named Darchel" Apparently if this film doesn’t pan out, he said he’s planning on turning it into a comic book.

Rumor has it that the second film concept would be a for a rated R movie, which would be kind of cool. I am not normally about upping a PG ante to R, but in the case of Pee Wee I think that his appeal is strong enough for an adult audience, and that his humor is already right on the border of some of the saucier stuff anyway. Plus he seems like a character who would be fun to see in more adult situations.

We’ll follow this story like Fox News followed that stupid missing blonde in Aruba!