Joseph Kosinski continues to line up science fiction projects to follow up his big Tron debut, as he now has a film called Archangel set up with New Regency, based on a script by Adam Cozad. This follows the big turnaround kerfuffle of Oblivion, an original project from Kosinski that he developed with Disney before they passed on it. That project seems to have landed with Universal and will be the director’s next project (though it’s not set in stone), but this new project seems to lack a major studio distributor as well.

Kosinski will be helming a story that sounds like a hard-edged Men In Black, with hidden aliens tracked “and hunted” by a secret government/military organization. There are few details beyond that, and the screenwriter is an unproven talent, with only stalled/in-development projects to his name.

I remain optimistic about Kosinski’s long-term potential- I hope Oblivion and Archangel turn out to be solid projects. The quiet Moon-like premise of Oblivion that hasĀ a space explorer meeting a mysterious figure on a lonely planet sounds more obviously interesting, but there may be a place for Archangel, as clearly there is still the definitive gritty military alien movie to be made, if the poisonous reaction to Battle: LA was any indication.

Look for more details once Kosinski signs a deal and starts legitimate movement on a project- until then all these movies are just floating without gravity near the big looming super nova of the potential Tron sequel: shit could definitively collapse or blow up at any second.

Source | Deadline

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