Sometimes mega-dangerous ultra-criminals have to be moved from one location to another, and when that happens… well, dammit you just might have a movie. That’s the case with Safe House, the english-language debut of Daniel Espinosa of Snabba Cash fame, which features an all-star cast and generated a fair amount of attention when it started coming together last year. Now it grabs attention again for casting another increasingly well-liked lady, Vera Farmiga, to join its cast long after it’s already started rolling.

Last year the cast was already packed with Denzel Washington, Ryan Reynolds, Brendan Gleeson, Robert Patrick, and Sam Shephard, with a french actress named Nora Arnezeder making her American debut as well. Now Farmiga joins in a role not unlike her most recent turn in Source Code, as she plays a CIA supervisor watching over Reynold’s CIA character- the “house sitter” for Denzel Washington’s dangerous rogue agent that has become a target for a well-resourced group of bad guys.

There’s not many other details at the present, but though the film is deep into principle photography, there are still many months until the film’s February 10th, 2012 release. I’m always happy to hear about Vera being cast- she’s been one of my favorite actresses to see pop up in a film since I became smitten with her during The Departed. Orphan just sealed the deal.

Look for more details as the film wraps up and starts marching towards release. Odd, that February date though… With the cast and filmmaking pedigree of the project, you’d think there’d be a more confident release window.

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Source | Deadline (via /Film)