Holy goddamn animals you guys! Denis Leary said he can’t talk about the ending of Spider-Man! But if you look at the way he said not-a-goddamn-thing, he totally said a whole bunch of stuff!

You see, if you watch the tonality of the /é/ syllable at the beginning of “ending” and contrast that with his emphasis on the bilabial plosive of the film’s title, you can 100% interpret that as an indication that the film could end with the funeral we’ve seen pictures of! Even more clear is that is indeed Leary’s character that dies, and his left eyebrow twitch can be read as a hidden metatextual statement that there will be a post-credit scene of him blowing satan- played by Stan Lee in his traditional cameo.

Alright, I’m being a dick, but I’m not making up the fact that the few seconds of absolutely nothing from above have become the target of speculation from a number of sources, including Screenrant and ComicBookMovie, who picked up the MTV Video. Apparently by saying he can’t comment on the ending, it means of course that his funeral is at the end, and he’s secretly hinting as much! Or it’s just Leary giving an overall “fuck off” to the question, but I’ll cut out the prickishness and let you decide…

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