cLost obviously has a large fanbase, filled with fairly loyal people. How do you sell things to these people? One way is to offer odd and unique tie in books – like a novel written by one of the passengers on Oceanic 815.

Except that the guy died. Sometime next year the unfinished manuscript by passenger Gary Troup (quick – to the name dictionary and the anagram decoder!) will figure into a plotline. Here in the real world the concept will be that Troup delivered this unfinished manuscript to Hyperion Publishing and a “well known mystery writer” was called in to finish it off (I imagine the as-yet unnamed writer is the person penning the whole thing).

What’s the name of the book? Hold on to your hats, Losties – it’s called The Bad Twin. It’s about a wealthy heir who hires a PI to find his nasty brother. Twins have been something Lost fans have been thinking a lot about lately, thanks to cryptic clues by the showrunners. Looks like this is yet another cryptic clue.