Number 4! We’ve done a straight month of these video segments and we’re having a lot of fun playing with new ideas and seeing what works. We’re going to continue to be very casual about format until this thing really finds its voice and its groove. Please let us know what you think, and spread it around…

This week we’re out in the woods, and it’s definitely my favorite so far. The best mix of humor and discussion yet, it’s made up of a ton of small bits, medium chunks, and one great big thick, meaty discussion. Take it into you.

So what’s discussed in this episode?

Water For Elephants
The Greatest Movie Ever Sold
The Abyss
Losin’ It
The Ghoulies
The Avengers
Pirates of The Caribbean 4

A very awesome dissection of Premium VOD and the Movie Theater Market


also: Jesus Bee, Where the Internet Is, Branch Pants, and a Terrible Car Crash.


Naturally we’re looking for any feedback or ideas you have. What did you see that you liked? What would you like to see that you didn’t? What subjects would you like us to focus on? Let us know on the message board, or in the comments below…

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