Romance & Cigarettes"I like a woman with a backside as big as the world!"

That’s Steve Buscemi talking in John Turturro’s new film, but he might as well be speaking for all of us, or at least Devin and Sir Mix-A-Lot.

Last month, while knee deep in Toronto, I called this film ‘almost Kate Winslet porn’ and watching this trailer reminds me of how true that is. Looking at this clip, it’s hard to see that the movie is a musical, though I guess it’s only a musical in the same way that Audition is a romance.

There’s plenty of evidence, though, of just how exuberant and chaotic the movie is. Or maybe that’s just marketing for the snooty international audience. When the domestic trailer finally arrives, it’ll probably be recut to reflect those family values we all hold so dear.

See the international magic here!