ImageIn his remake of Cape Fear, Martin Scorsese had Juliette Lewis figuratively shoot fire from her loins. In Raw, Eddie Murphy talked about it. But only the Hungarians have the genital fortitude to show you a guy actually shooting fire from his dick, and it’s right here in this trailer.

Based on the info available on the official website, Taxidermia is the story of three generations told in an ultra-fantastik, ‘Terry Gilliam is an accountant but we’re hardcore’ kind of way. The narrator relates the stories of his father and grandfather, all while working towards the artistic ideal of stuffing himself…taxidermy, that is.

This trailer is packed with eating contests, obese people on amusement park rides, mechanical contraptions, some blood and guts, naked flesh and a guy in a bathtub with a case of the clap that makes me glad most bathing equipment is fireproof.

This probably isn’t the trailer to fire up for co-workers.

I even love the music represented here, partially because some of it is a dead ringer for Felix Lajko‘s song ‘The Zither Player’, which was just covered by The Dirty Three (on their excellent Cinder) and has been lodged in my player for days. It’s just so Baltic!

See the very happily NSFW trailer here!