casIt’s a big comeback for Sylvester Stallone. His Rocky VI (to be called, classily, Rocky Balboa) is about to start shooting. And once he’s done with that he’s moving on to – believe it or not – Rambo IV.

The plot for Rambo IV is pure George Takei. In it, John Rambo is living a quiet life with his family when a girl (maybe his own?) is kidnapped and he has to unleash the holy hell of justice on various people of browner ethnicities (I am assuming, as some of the film is being shot in Mexico, and Rambo hasn’t killed white people since the 70s). It’s being billed as a return to First Blood roots for the franchise, but a real return to roots would have John Rambo dealing with the fact that the Taliban he aided in Rambo III ended up being really big dicks to us. After all, it was First Blood‘s take on the fallout of the Vietnam War that was so interesting.

Stallone will be keeping busy in between films by directing Poe, based on the life of the author and not the chick singer. After that he begins the screenplay for Oscar II: On the Rocks.