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It’s amazing that Gotti: Three Generations has managed so much actor controversy without any of it being related to its Scientologist, airplane-pilot star whose toupee gets more press coverage than most international tragedies. Instead, Lindsay Lohan has provided a huge lightning rod for the production as the producers have flirted with including the legally and personally struggling actress in their mob film.

Despite the controversy it really breaks down to this: producers talked with Lohan about a role, decided to sign someone else, then decided to bring her on in a different role. The only noteworthy thing of interest is that producer Marc Fiore made a fairly definitive-sounding statement that implied Lohan wouldn’t be involved- thus the shock when she was announced in a role later that day.

“We are not talking any further about Lindsay playing Victoria.¬†She is no longer being considered. The talks have stopped. We are going to meet with other people.”

Notice he said for the role of Victoria though, so since she has ended up as Kim Gotti, John Gotti Jr.’s wife, the statement was still correct, no big deal. Regardless, there’s plenty of hoopla around the casting of Lohan as she faces theft charges and has yet to escape her tabloid reputation. Apparently. I don’t keep up with this shit- I’m not above it, the shit just tires me out. I’ve also managed to skip virtually every movie she’s ever appeared in, so there’s that as well.

Beyond Lohan there’s also the problem of the film being skipperless, as director Nick Cassavetes departed the project just a few days ago to focus on his indie film with Ben Foster. There’s something very reality TV about this whole production as tabloid stars circle around it, the publicity-seeking Gotti family themselves remain involved, and less-spotlight-seekings artists ease themselves out the back door.¬†Either way, a film starring a still-capable John Travolta as John Gotti backed by Joe Pesci as Ruggiero has at least the potential to be an exciting mob flick. It definitely needs someone great behind the wheel capable of navigating this giant tower of egos and agendas though, if anything worth a shit is ever going to come out of it. Cassavetes wasn’t up to it… who will be?

Anybody you’d like to see behind the camera on the Gotti family biopic?

Source | THR

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