casThere are some days when the movie news just makes me so happy that I could get up, dance and sing. That’s the Bollywood in me – and it’s soon going to be the Bollywood in Oh Daesu.

You thought that only the USA made ill-advised remakes of recent foreign films? Oh no, my friend! The Indians are getting in on the act with Zinda – a Bollywood remake of Park Chanwook’s masterpiece Oldboy.

You can check out the website (such as it is now) right here. I am going to be watching this one carefully. Then, when it comes out, I am going to be watching it while fucked out of my skull. I can only imagine the dance choreography in the sidescroller fight! I wonder if director Sanjay Gupta (I guess he’s on leave from CNN?) will go full on Busby Berkely and have people dancing in big hammer costumes.

Thanks to Russ Fischer for making my day with this email.