of the hundreds of thousands of readers out there who frequent this place and others like it, eleven were surprised that The Hills Have Eyes was getting remade. Not that it needed to be or because the fan base was huge (more people seem to know it and acknowledge it than actually watch and appreciate it), but because it’s one of the films that has enough of a name and mystique to warrant it. I cannot be excited about it on principle alone because the real reason the first film was so odd and alluring was Michael Berryman, a guy whose appearance and understanding on how to accent it to make himself creepy was the saving grace of the thing.

I can’t respect this film, because look at the then and now incarnations of the people playing the Pluto character:

You trying to tell me that there’s not another unknown Michael Berryman type in the world? This could have been a film to unearth (literally) some new and fun freaky guy. I play softball up in the boonies of Georgia and I see Michael Berrymans in training all the time. I play in the hills (exit 17 on highway 400) and they have some fucking eyes!

Anyway, Blackfilm has a few Blacksnaps from the Blackremake, though none of the BlackBerryman wannabe. Check them out HERE.